Create, Calm, Connect.

Japanese Yoga, Creative Art Therapy & Community support services in the heart of the NSW Central Coast

Studio K is the Central Coast’s ultimate venue for reconnecting with body and soul, through restorative Japanese Remedial Yoga, and creative art therapy programs that capture the imagination and excite the spirit. At Studio K, we support the whole family, by providing classes and workshops for kids, teens, men & women. In addition through our wellbeing support program we offer 1:1 classes and a range of psychosocial support for adults, offering a truly client centered approach working with you to achieve your personal goals.

With a custom-built studio nestled amongst leafy bushland surrounds in Tumbi Umbi on the NSW Central Coast, Studio K offers a space to truly express and experience your own growth, healing and creativity.

Kind Words

The class helped me to not worry about the little things. It reminded me to enjoy life more, and it helped me see how to move my life forward. I can’t wait for the next one!


I enjoyed the me time and the meditation. It helped me connect with myself and brought me back to me and what my future goals are. The session helped me think about how I spend my time and what is important. It reminded me I love creating, and how healing art is. Thank-you Kylie, you are an inspiring teacher.


StudioK classes have taught me how to relax, and make time for me. Thank you Kylie I loved it.


I realised that most girls are different to each other, everyone is different. Being yourself is the most important thing. And that art doesn’t have to be beautiful, it is itself.


I’ve learnt I’m not the only person going through challenging things, and I am not alone. I’ve learnt that we can be free. Art is so helpful and important.


I learnt what my dreams are and what I want out of life.

StudioK Participant, aged 16 years

I got a lot out of my StudioK class. I’m now going to do my HSC and I made a best friend.


I figured out what my likes and dislikes are. It’s a calming and fun class.


I learnt how to ground myself.

StudioK Participant, aged 15 years

I love Art Therapy at StudioK because I get to feel a side of me and others that I’ve never felt before

StudioK Participant, aged 16 years

My 2 and a half year old daughter was so proud to show off the beads she made in her necklace when she got home, she always asks to go to “craft class” and see Kylie. Thank you for your wonderful craft mornings!


Super impressed! My son had a wonderful time at StudioK. It is so well organised, fabulous activities and Kylie is amazing! The countdown is on until the next session!


My 6 year old daughter LOVED her craft session and what a tranquil location! Kylie is so friendly too!


If you’re looking for a beautiful workout for body and soul, Kylie at StudioK is your go-to! Various classes to suit your schedule and ability. They leave you feeling well balanced and ready to tackle your day!


Kylie is such a great teacher! I always love her confidence and her way of teaching.


Kylie has a great passion for yoga that shows in her teaching. Practicing under her guidance is a pleasure.


As a mum of two and a full-time shift worker, I was always feeling highly strung and my mind was in chaos. I decided it was time to look after myself and my body and attended yoga sessions with Kylie. Not only did I feel physically relaxed and energised after the sessions, I also felt calm in body and mind. Thank you Kylie, for helping me find a stronger, healthier me!


Kylie is such a knowledgeable and awesomely chilled out coach, I highly recommend her yoga classes.


Kylie is an amazing yoga instructor who makes you feel relaxed and comfortable, always! I
would highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you Kylie, for all you have taught me.


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