Leaving the beaches…

Hi All,

Below is an entry I recently posted over a morning cuppa to the Northern Beaches Mums Facebook page. It had been on mind for a while how many people where facing big changes with the cost of housing being so high or just looking for changes.

Even so I was completely blown away and overwhelmed at the response. So many people thanked me for sharing, said they felt encouraged, even showing their husbands. I’ve connected with some lovely mums and felt inspired myself! So much so that I decided to no put it off any longer and here my blog and site was born!

There will be updates and changes along the way as I grow into it. Thank you if you have come this far and perhaps you would even like to follow my blog or hear more about the workshops I facilitate. Original post below;


We have now been on the Central Coast for 3 months and I wanted to give you feedback from our perspective as more and more people are considering making changes like this.

I had been living on the beaches for about the last 25 years and husband 10 years. We have a 2 year old son (I’m 36 hub 43) and like so many felt out priced to buy what we truly wanted on the Beaches. It was a hard reality to face having to leave our home.

But we did it! We moved from a very small 2 bedroom unit in Queenscliff ( great location nice view) into a huge 5 bedroom house on acerage) with a pool and surrounded by bush – it is like a retreat. Very big change! We are thrown in the deep end with learning so far things such as;
Snakes (harmless green one but called the snake guy!), fallen 100 yr gum with a beehive of 100000 bees, broken pool pump and septic issues just to name a view…

But what we have gained is sooooo much more! Our son bloomed immediately not ever asking for tv. Our little boy has always loved nature and stick collecting, now he talks to ants and pats Beatles…(when not trying to Chop them 😉
I have changed – having spent my childhood in Forster this is a breath of fresh air literally and a homecoming of a kind. My husband seems freeer and happy in himself.

The bush isn’t for everyone but we love it! And there are many other options. I drive my son to his one on one swimming lessons (same price as baby swimming in Syd) on bush roads two mins away…I could go on and on….

There are downsides of course…we don’t often get everything! I miss my best friends, family and sisters terribly! But that is all! I’ve not been back to Sydney yet and have no desire to re join the traffic and congestion. I’ll always be grateful for my time there, a highlight being maternity leave strolling to the beach and meeting new mummy friends. But I’m happy to pop down a few times a year and woohoo at Hugo’s or my favourites but my love affair with the beaches has changed. I’ll always be nostalgic and I’ll always love to visit and see many old haunts and memories and loved ones but life here is slower and kinder on my family. We are more connected and a team here.

The socioeconomic scales here are vast! Yes there are some problematic areas but I’ve found nothing but friendly down to earth people so far and everything is easier and cheaper!

On the work front my husband is commuting 😦 and that is horrible BUT we are building connections and before to long I’m confident he will work here. For me I chose to sacrifice a great role in Council in the Community Arts team! BUT I am working at the uni here on a project for some $. I have just received my teaching no. To teach as a teachers aid in the catholic school system and we are converting our double garage facing the bush into an Art Therapy studio for me – talk about a dream come true! And don’t worry hubby still has a 6 car drive in shed for his man cave…. of which I don’t even have a key 😂 And I don’t care too, he can have his cave.

Anyway ladies sorry it’s long but I wanted to share a little of this journey for others thinking about it. Oh and btw we have had visitors every weekend except one, I’ve not had time yet to be lonely, bored or anxious….or worry about any of the things I thought Before we moved…maybe they will just float right by me!

Feel free to follow my blog

Season’s Greetings to everyone stay safe 🎄🌲

❤️ Kylie

8 thoughts on “Leaving the beaches…

  1. Great read as we are planning the same move for the same reasons. We’re currently in Collaroy and placing to make the CC move in 2017. We’ve been thinking about the Shelley Beach/Bateau Bay area of the CC. What made you choose where you are now? Where does your hubby commute to and how long does it take him? The commute to Sydney is probably our biggest concern as both my hubby and I would have to continue to work in Sydney. Neither of us do ‘regular’ hours -he works afternoons and evenings and my work is somewhat flexible and I’ll travel in for meetings all over Sydney. I like the idea of being able to get the train when I need to be in NSydney/ Chatswood, but would otherwise drive as would hubby who travels to North Shore for work. I’d love to hear more about your CC experience and insights into the move.

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