Community & Gratitude

Gratitude: The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

As I look outside I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude. For everything. But specifically, the sense of community and help we have recently been surrounded by. Remember the big ol gum tree that half fell down last week…….well since then we have had an enormous job ahead of us and learning curve. But we have been so well supported.

The tasks involved included rehoming 100,000 honey bees. This alone took all week, several attempts, many conversations with bee enthusiasts! Dropping the tree, cutting, removing, and transporting the giant….

We had friends drive from Sydney, the local bee community, family, neighbours and even a stranger give up their time, energy and provide the sheer hard work required to see the job done that’s 8 blokes – what a Community!

On that word Community – I’m not even sure my husband and I knew the real meaning of community until we moved to the Coast (from the Northern Beaches). Maybe we didn’t join in enough, give enough or simply like most where too busy. Whatever the reasons I do now feel I understand the word Community more. To me it means not only likeminded people coming together but a magical way of living that we are feeling. We didn’t ask any of the above people for help. They just understood the task ahead and came on over. No pre-planning or scheduling just coming and that to me is mateship, love and Community! It has bought me to tears, I’m tired too and whilst I haven’t done the heavy lifting I have been organizing things behind the scenes, catering, cleaning and loving our toddler. I have been inspired again by Husband’s strength and work ethic.

To those experienced in country life, this is perhaps nothing new. Maybe for Country people the Community spirit isn’t new, I remember growing up with it on the North Coast and save for some special friendships and family we had been missing this and didn’t even know it. Maybe you are lucky and know this sense of Community already on the beaches or wherever you are, find your tribe and love it hard – I love that saying!

I love the Northern Beaches Mum’s Facebook page and how it also connects and provides a sense of community and I often see it spreading magic. There are lots of ways to connect. I still can’t help feeling wouldn’t it be amazing for everyone to have this in real world. I know I’ve at times felt isolated and lonely even before becoming a mum. Sometimes that was strange being in such a populated area. It isn’t easy to make new friends or find a community. I’d love to hear what Community means to you.

I’ve included some images of the tree job from start to finish. I can’t attach the video as I swearing at husband for something haha. I’ve thrown in some of Harry yesterday morning excitedly giving his Family Day care teacher our first home grown hydrangeas as a thank you. Bless his little soul he was so excited he had to carry them in the car himself xx

Ps. The tree circumference would be about 3 meters…. I don’t even know how high but 5 rounds of chainsaw sharpening later (it was filled with dirt from termites/bees)….and I found out later it would have cost us over $10,000 to do what our Community did…. for a few beers and a BBQ

X Kylie

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