Following my path

Why can I exceed when working for others but find it hard to achieve for myself….?

Is it self esteem, fear, motivation or all of the above?

I’ve been personally looking for this missing ingredient for most of my life! For example I can excel when working for other people but when focusing on building my own business ventures I struggle and it’s hard to put my finger on why. I’ve been thinking about what holds me back.

The first few months since our relocation from Sydney to the Central coast was really busy! Moving in, finding day care, securing work, setting the house up, finding a swim school, playgroup etc, add a new puppy and visitors every weekend life was busy and my mind was occupied and mostly content.

Fast forward a few months and that quiet discontent I know has crept in. I’m trawling job sites daily in an effort to find an elusive, amazing, community based role to jump out and be the answer to my discontent!!

But it dawned on me perhaps a reason why I’m struggling really isn’t about a job fixing things for me it’s me stalling me….again! I have gained so much experience in my working life and have studied for many years, I am highly employable! But perhaps more importantly I even have a passion that I can and have done as work! This is a gift! But I’m still looking for jobs! Why when I have everything at my finger tips….We are currently transforming our over sized double garage into a beautiful dedicated art therapy space so that I can run workshops from home. This work gives me goose bumps.

I have a supportive husband that is proud of me following this dream, but he does need some financial support and I want to give it to him along with being the happiest version of me I can be. He isn’t putting pressure on me to stay at a job I can barely face or do any work just for the money he is happy to support me on this new work journey here. Things are tight and he is working very hard! I want to help!

All of the things I mention here are more than possible. Without sounding clichéd facilitating Art Therapy is my gift and I love it.

So instead of accepting more work that doesn’t fulfill me, I’ve given notice at my admin job and I’m going to make the fact no job is jumping out at me to fix me a big fat sign that I need to do it myself just like I work with others on doing!

Here is my work plan….

  • Facilitate workshops from home (varied groups and themes) i.e picturing motherhood
  • Find / advertise via community links Schools, playgroups, childcare centres, aged care, welfare, gyms, cafes, Facebook groups etc etc
  • Write to schools / community groups / organisations with an outline of relevant packages with a view to running dedicated workshops i.e. team building, reducing exam / life stress etc etc with a view to building partnerships
  • Do what I would do / have done when helping others build their business’s !

Here are some things I can do daily to help keep me feeling up and positive;

  • Walk my puppy every day
  • Do laps in our pool
  • Eat well and continue my no alcohol plan (another blog!)
  • Work on my art space
  • Collate a marketing plan and prepare workshop material
  • Create as often as possible

As my dear friend and sister in law often reminds me what we have right now in terms of space, location, family etc has always been on my vision board! Others have such believe in me I just need to find it in myself just as I help others do.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts and reading along….

love-heart Kylie


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