The Balancing Act

Note: Prepared in early September

I’ve not sat down to write for quite some time. Truth is I haven’t felt inspired enough to talk about anything. But thank fully that has changed and I’m feeling recharged!

Lots of changes with the first being some months back starting full time work at the Central Coast Council in the events team. I am enjoying the work greatly, the team is fantastic and something magical I have not experienced in my working life for many years. It is fast and I am finding the time away from Harry and the pressures involved especially when my hubby works 4 hours travel away per day.

Things like rushing my 2 year old out the door 20 minutes after I’ve woken him up exhausting and emotional. I haven’t really felt balanced in any area of late. One thing I’ve done to try and fix this is use my annual leave more strategically and allow more of a 9 day roster, with a supportive manager this looks possible. I remain connected with Harry as much as possible especially in the morning and allow time for the moments that come up like spontaneous naked bum dances (from him), bed jumping, ball throwing etc and surprisingly he is mostly in a good mood and following the routine as I’m gently guiding not shouting. The little moments of fun in between help and with a very short attention span he doesn’t seem to worry about going from this to that.

He still loves family day care but pre school not so much and taking more time to settle in. I really don’t blame him I prefer the home environment too. I’ve not been able to get him into FDC full time and spent lots of time and worry on what is best but for now we are coping. Home time is tiring and involves a very quick hat change from colleague to mum and most evening involves lots of cuddles on mum, naps in the car on the way home and gently time before nightly routine of dinner and showers with dad and bed time with mum can begin. He’s gone back to sleeping in his own bed which was an issue when I started full time as no one was sleeping properly. The many days of carers leave I’ve already had to take with lots of bugs going around has been stressful. But luckily I work well under pressure in the work environment and I’m juggling things ok for now and enjoying making connections with Colleagues and in the Community. Let’s hope over the next few months the balancing act get’s easier and I do have more of it…….Love K


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