The Balancing Act

Note: Prepared in early September I’ve not sat down to write for quite some time. Truth is I haven’t felt inspired enough to talk about anything. But thank fully that has changed and I’m feeling recharged! Lots of changes with the first being some months back starting full time work at the Central Coast Council in the… Continue reading The Balancing Act

Following my path

Why can I exceed when working for others but find it hard to achieve for myself....? Is it self esteem, fear, motivation or all of the above? I’ve been personally looking for this missing ingredient for most of my life! For example I can excel when working for other people but when focusing on building… Continue reading Following my path

Community & Gratitude

Gratitude: The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness As I look outside I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude. For everything. But specifically, the sense of community and help we have recently been surrounded by. Remember the big ol gum tree that half fell down last week…….well since then… Continue reading Community & Gratitude

Leaving the beaches…

Hi All, Below is an entry I recently posted over a morning cuppa to the Northern Beaches Mums Facebook page. It had been on mind for a while how many people where facing big changes with the cost of housing being so high or just looking for changes. Even so I was completely blown away and… Continue reading Leaving the beaches…