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Japanese Remedial Yoga

The ultimate yoga experience.
StudioK offers Japanese Remedial yoga, art therapy and creative kids programs that nourish and nurture body, mind and spirit. No matter your age or ability, we will be able to support you in meeting your goals.

What is Japanese Remedial Yoga?

StudioK teaches Japanese remedial yoga consisting of corrective and dynamic movement with an emphasis on working with the seasons; the natural seasons of the environment as well as the internal seasons of our bodies; to help support healthy changes for body, mind and spirit.

Our yoga includes corrective exercises for various conditions of the body, combining traditional yoga postures with movements designed to activate certain energy channels.

This is a holistic philosophy with innovative forms of movement that enhance the traditional approach to yoga and can be tailored to focus on different functions of the body.

Japanese yoga has deep roots in the flow of nature, understanding that the changing seasons in the world around us, are also experienced in seasonal changes within our bodies. By embracing these natural seasons, we create the ultimate holistic yoga experience, cultivating flexibility, ease of movement, and correct body alignment.

When we harness the attributes of each season, reflecting this in what we eat and how we move, we allow the body to balance and harmonise, supporting adjustment, flexibility, and release. The areas of the body which are taking on too much of the work will experience relief as we adapt and adjust, bringing you back to optimal functioning.

Women's Yoga Classes

This is our introductory class, perfect if you are new to yoga, are reconnecting with the practise or haven’t yet tried Japanese yoga.

Women's Creative

As women we are constantly shaping and reshaping our lives. We experience challenges and then we rise again, working through change and consistently redefining ourselves.

Teens & Kids Creative Yogi's

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