‘I feel humbled. I feel grateful for the space and opportunity to have had this experience. I have gained a bit of myself back by giving myself some time, to let go a little, too accept a little and to see a little more clearly. I feel I have some direction and that my goals are attainable and I do deserve to achieve them’ Yvonne

 ‘Being able to look at where I’ve come from, what I’ve achieved so far and concentrate on what I want especially for the future’ Louise

 ‘I gained a lot from the workshop. More impetus motivation to make the life changes that will bring me the most satisfaction. A great new vision Board to use for inspiration! Thanks Kylie’ Kristina Verco

‘Processing of my feelings, thoughts, wants needs and goals. Some clearer direction of where I want to go although exactly how I will do that I’m still to discover along the way’ Anonymous  

 ‘The workshop helped me to relax and grow as a person’ Sussanah

 ‘A beginning of looking at where I have been, where I am and here I could be and where I would like to be. It will be important to continue the journey’ Ruth

 ‘Some insight into some deep feelings that I have held inside for a long time. Awareness of others in similar situations to my own. Some positive thoughts from other’s points of view. A place to share thoughts and feeling without judgement. Everyone has a journey and needs a positive view t grow and to continue in many possibilities of life’ Tracey