Creative Kids Night

Our creative kids night is a monthly 2.5 hour program open for ages 3-12 years. It is a group class for up to 12 children giving parents and care givers the opportunity to enjoy an evening event, outing or some time out! 

In this drop and go program children will enjoy a fun night with a themed yoga class, games, music, stories, a creative activity, relaxation, movie, dinner and snacks! 

Meditation & Mindfulness

Join us in this beautiful adults calming circle. You will be guided into a soul soothing sound bath meditation using crystal sound bowls. We invite you to unwind, relax and connect deeply to yourself. We will then move into a gentle guided mindfulness exercise. This will change weekly and may include a walking in nature meditation, creating a mandala or simply colouring in or resting as you feel led too, this part of the program is creative in nature but with no expectation of creativity rather just the desire to get to know yourself more deeply.

wellbeing support program

We offer individualised yoga, creative arts and a range of psychosocial supports for adults. With a truly client centred approach we work with you to acheive your goals. NDIS funding may be utilised for self & plan managed bookings. We offer a complimentary meet and greet. Contact us for rates and availability.

Create and Connect

Join us in this beautiful women’s circle ‘Create & Connect ‘where we utilise the power of movement, creativity, mindfulness and meditation.

The workshop will open with movement such as yoga, stretching or walking meditation and lead into creative activities which may include storytelling, journaling, vision board, mandala. This element of the workshop is creative in nature but with no exception of creative ability rather just the desire to know yourself more deeply giving you the space and freedom to uncover that which words alone cannot always say. 

The program concludes with a soul soothing crystal sound bath meditation to unwind, relax and connect. 

We work through common themes of life such as the journey of motherhood to explore self-expression, connection, reduce anxiety, express your story, increase self esteem and gain personal insight. The intent is to help you understand yourself better and improve relationships to help you experience a deeper sense of peace, calm and contentment. 

Our create and connect programs run generally the first Friday of the month but please select book now for dates. 

Materials included. Bring water, shoes & yoga mat. 

Sacred Celebrations

At studioK, we welcome the opportunity to nourish and nurture you and your loved ones during the most important moments of your life, ensuring they do not pass by unseen by curating a unique celebration to honour and acknowledge the significant moments in your life.

Some of the truly special events we have created include;

  • Special birthday
  • Baby shower
  • Bridal shower
  • Rites of passage (boys to men and girls to women)
  • Honouring a new mother
  • Change of life (divorce, death, menopause etc)

We welcome the opportunity to prepare a proposal and quote for you or perhaps you are arranging a unique experience for someone special! Please contact us for pricing and further information.